Hula Terminology

You hear the Hawaiian language entertwined with the culture's dance. But do you know what they mean? Here are definitions for some of the terms.

    Alaka'i - instructor; often used when referring to kumu hula's (teacher) assistant
    Auana - modern version of the hula
    Halau - Long house for canoes or hula instruction; hula school
    Ho`i - exit (dancers can chant or have a song as they exit)
    Ipuheke - gourd instrument without a top
    Kahiko - traditional version of the hula
    Ka`i - entrance (dancers can chant or have a song as they enter)
    Kala`au - stick dancing
    Kane - man or men
    Kumu Hula - hula teacher
    Mele - song
    Oli - chant
    Pahu - drum
    Pahu Puniu - thigh drum
    Pu'ili - dancing implement made with bamboo
    `Uli`uli - gourd instrument with filled with seeds and topped with colorful feathers
    Wahine - woman or women

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