The tradition of entertainment in Tahiti once centered on a special guild of traveling performers called the Arioi who sailed on great double-hulled canoes from bay to bay and island to island, performing dance, pantomime dramas and chants. They usually performed in honor of Oro, their deity of Tahitian Dancerpeace, agriculture and fertility.

The Tahitians traditional ote'a or drumming dances, includes the graceful yet energetic hip-shaking ori Tahiti or tamure which young and old perform throughout its islands. While the women demonstrate remarkable dexterity with their hip movements, that are accented by the more [pronounce both syllables] or fiber skirts, the best female dancers are expected to keep their shoulders relatively still throughout the performance.

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Artificial Tahitian Skirt

Up to 36" in length

Price: $0.30/inch

Hand Tassels (Ii)

39-42 hand tassels1

39-42 hand tassels2

Hand tassels are made from the same bark material as the skirt and the same colors

Small $13.00/pair
Medium $14.00/pair
Large $15.00/pair
X Large $16.00/pair

*$3.00 additional for two tone


47 niau

Price: $35.00

Skirt Tassels

48 skirt tassels1

48 skirt tassels2

Price: $14.00/dozen

Tahitian Skirt

49-50 tahitian skirt1    49-50 tahitian skirt2    49-50 tahitian skirt3    

49-50 tahitian skirt4    49-50 tahitian skirt5

Authentic bark skirt, undecorated (in natural, white, red, pink, orange, yellow, ilima (gold), green, lime, chartreuse, royal blue, turquoise, aqua, purple, magenta, black, brown and rust)

Approx. 38" W x 38" L

Natural: $50.00
Colored: $55.00

Tahitian Skirt Fringe

51 tahitian skirt fringe1    51 tahitian skirt fringe2

A short skirt used to make ceremonial head dresses, capes, layered skirts, etc.

Approx. 38" W x 20" L

All Colors $28.00